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Mohammad B.4 weeks ago
"First place is the Best Place"
Kalvin E.4 weeks ago
"Appreciated the attentiveness of the staff in answering my questions as well as helping me sift through options."
Current Resident1 month ago
"Great location, awful management."
Current Resident1 month ago
"I have lived in this community for 17 years and have loved living here.Maintenance staff have been courteous and friendly ,but in some cases, I’ve had to wait weeks for response to my maintenance requests. They do their best but are short handed."
Current Resident1 month ago
"I think the community is great!"
Current Resident1 month ago
"Overall opinion of Bell Flatirons: price-good, grounds-good, apartment-good, over watering of landscape- poor, maintenance response time- terrible."
Hailey H.1 month ago
"This apartment community is amazing in every way. The amenities are unmatched and it’s perfect here if you have pets. The move in process was seamless and the leasing team answered any questions we had."
Current Resident1 month ago
"We love living at Bell Flatirons. We l9ve our neighbors and the entire staff that works here. So glad we made it in one piece through the Marshall Fire. The staff was stellar! Mary has a great handle on the whole 1200 units, 4 pools, broad landscape, Community Center, Leasing and Residential Services. Many high fives!!!"
Current Resident2 months ago
"Descanso y tranquilidad. Respeto vecinal"
Lauren C.2 months ago
"Clean, quiet, and beautiful property with amazing amenities and location. Expensive, but worth it."
Current Resident3 months ago
"Love the community Awesome place to live"
Current Resident3 months ago
"Like the area and our apt layout"
Leslie A.3 months ago
"Maintenance is really catching up on the work orders. I am very impressed lately and know that they have a lot to do. I appreciate their hard work and courtesy so much."
Gerard M.3 months ago
"Leasing office is wonderful, friendly and helpful. They are very busy making sure all move- ins are made easy and secure. It was easy and pleasurable working with staff from application to move-in."
Loren G.3 months ago
"I really like it here and I'm going to miss it because I am moving out to gain an extra bedroom. Maintenance can be slow sometimes but it is improving. Otherwise the apartment is comfortable and I like all the windows in the high ceilings since I am on the top floor. I don't like the outside stairs because I am getting older and in the winter they seem a little treacherous. But we feel safe up here in our nest so sometimes it seems worth it."
Jennifer G.3 months ago
"I am always pleased with the maintenance staff here at Bell Flatirons. They are kind, professional and do their best to fix any and all problems. They usually impress us with quick turnaround by the team. We also appreciate the waves and smiles as we see them throughout the community."
Current Resident3 months ago
"I think this is a nice community but would like things to be addressed more readily."
Current Resident4 months ago
Current Resident4 months ago
"The team at Bell is fantastic. They are professional, kind, and attentive. Emily at the Resident Services office is beyond exceptional, and so is everyone at that office. I am under no illusions that everything is perfect at Bell Flatirons, each location experiences its relative challenges. That said, I command the team’s dedication to our community, and their diligence in assuring their residents’ comfort. For that I cannot thank them enough."
Current Resident4 months ago
"Bell Flatirons it’s truly luxurious place and peaceful."
Current Resident5 months ago
"Love the community itself and our apartment. But maintenance is never completed, dog bins are never emptied but management instead blames residents for not picking up dog poop even though theres no where to throw the poop away since the bins are always full."
Current Resident6 months ago
"We like living here. We love our floor plan and the area"
Current Resident6 months ago
"I really like this place as its a huge in size and love the amount of amenities available, The most important part is the neighbors, they are friendly and very sweet."
Lisa N.6 months ago
"We love it here. The units are lovely, the staff friendly and supportive, the views are gorgeous and we like our neighbors. The drive into Denver or Boulder is easy. We highly recommend living here."
Kimberly B.6 months ago
"One of the things I LOVE about being at Bell Flatirons is having my own maintenance team....while my needs have been small (fortunately,) when they do arise the team takes care of me with kindness and expertise. Thanks to each of you!"
Kate C.7 months ago
"Our leasing agent, Tegan, has been phenomenal! She is so quick to reply, gave helpful information and opinions, worked with our timeline, and was just overall a very pleasant person! The complex itself has everything we would need or want. It has a great gym, multiple options for outdoor activities, great views, and a great price for the area."
Current Resident7 months ago
"The staff at Bell Flatirons has always been helpful and timely. They keep us well informed on the many issues that arise in our 1200 (?) unit apartment complex. Haven't lived in an Apartment in over 12 years. They all do a good job so thank you all."
Abdalelah S.7 months ago
"I like this community, the community center, the lake, the neighborhood , the friendly staff. Dr. Abdalelah Saaty"
Current Resident8 months ago
"Bell Flatirons is a great place to live, however the maintenance response to a recurring problem with my furnace has not been resolved after 8 service calls. Admitting that maintenance may not know how to fix the problem and that an HVAC professional should be called in might be a good place to start."
Current Resident8 months ago
"The complex itself is very nice and the front office staff has been very friendly since moving in. However, maintenance is not always addressed and trash pick up is a slight issue. But the units themselves are in good shape and the community seems great so far."
Terri S.8 months ago
"We love the location and the look of the apartments but need a sunny apartment"
Current Resident9 months ago
"Maintenance is a 9 out of 10. There have been a few delays etc but overall they are great. It is quite a relief to not have to worry about these things myself."
Current Resident9 months ago
"The location and overall layout at Bell is excellent with professional staff, we just need a few modern upgrades in key areas to hit a home run."
Current Resident9 months ago
"Our heat was out and it was very early morning but I happened to call the maintenance office on their emergency line, someone picked up and to my surprise the Maintenance person actually came so early and fixed our heat! Bells is the best and I will never move!"
Steve O.9 months ago
"My wife and I moved to Bell Flatirons because we needed a change and the location seem to fit. We sold our home after 30 plus years of living there and raising our children. Overall we are very pleased we made the decision to move to Bell Flatirons."
Julia W.9 months ago
"We love living here! The unique apartment layout means that we don't have to worry about bothering our neighbors by being too loud. We love that it feels like a townhome, but with all the benefits and amenities of an apartment complex. We really enjoy and use the amenities. The gym is so much bigger and well-equipped than any other place we've ever lived, so we get to save money by not needing an outside gym membership. Overall the vibe is so friendly and welcoming. We love it here!"
Current Resident10 months ago
"Bell Flatirons is a beautiful community, conveniently located, and very well maintained. The school district is great and the community is child and pet-friendly. The beautiful view of the mountains makes us feel right at home."
Current Resident10 months ago
"Bell Flatirons is a lovely community with great amenities in a wonderful location. Living here has been a terrific experience."
Current Resident10 months ago
"Beautiful landscape, amazing views, and safe community"
Current Resident10 months ago
"Love it here and just wish our short staffed maintenance could be helped. We need them!"
Emily H.10 months ago
"Leasing professional was great. But community is not updated enough for the price, compared to a brand new community"
Bailey A.11 months ago
"Very beautiful and peaceful community. There are troubles here with squirrels jumping on your heads and scaring the bejesus out of you but other than that its a great place to live!"
Debbye P.11 months ago
"I love living at Bell Flatirons. The buildings are beautiful and grounds well kept. The neighborhood is friendly and very family oriented. The apartments are laid out well and convenient. I love that the trash is picked up outside our front door. And the variety of amenities is above and beyond what I had hoped."
Current Resident11 months ago
"The landscaping company has done a good job this year. Maintenance has been courteous and thorough.I have been a resident in this complex for 16 years and am very happy to be living here."
Current Resident11 months ago
"Excellent location, accessible to everything at almost walk-able or less than 5/10 minutes on car. Rents appear to be bit inflated."